Designing To Accommodate The Short-Stay Patient

February 5, 2016     Sheila F. Cahnman

The number of patients classified as not requiring inpatient admission is growing, meaning hospitals and their design partners must find solutions to support a short-stay environment. Blogger Sheila Cahnman shares some ideas on where to stray from a traditional observation unit approach. 

Examining The Exam Room: 3 Trends To Watch

February 2, 2016     Christine Guzzo Vickery

The once standardized exam room is evolving to support a lot more than just the patient exam, with three trends influencing the design of this space the most. 

What Keeps You Up At Night?

January 21, 2016     Debra Levin

Attendees of the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference weighed in on the topics top of mind for them right now, shedding light on shifting priorities compared to the previous year.

It's Time To Take Another Look at Sustainable Design

January 14, 2016     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief

“Green design” may not be the buzzword it used to be, but with solutions implemented years ago now bearing measurable results, it may be poised for a new day in the sun.

Top Considerations For Green Roof Installations In Healthcare

December 15, 2015     Joan Suchomel

The benefits of green roofs in healthcare facilities are numerous, and so are the potential users and levels of accessibility. In this blog from the AIA-AAH, designer Joan Suchomel reviews some of the major elements to consider. 

New Ideas For The New Year

December 11, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

Before we say goodbye to 2015, let's take a moment to reflect on some of the industry’s best moments and what we'd like to see happen in the coming months.

The Blurred Lines Of Healthcare And Design

December 8, 2015     Debra Levin

Technology is increasingly allowing us to engage in healthcare without having to actively seek it out. So what role might the built environment play in influencing our health choices?

Putting The "You" In "Team"

December 1, 2015     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief

While there may be no “i” in “team,” Healthcare Design believes in celebrating individuals anyway. Here’s why.

4 Industry Factors Influencing Clinic Planning

November 19, 2015     Christine Guzzo Vickery

New programming needs in clinics are inspiring a modern approach to planning, with these four factors making the biggest bang. 

Passing The Gavel

November 11, 2015     Rosalyn Cama

As The Center for Health Design’s long-time board of directors chairperson steps down, she reminds us that there’s much for the organization and industry to prepare for.

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