What Corporate America Can Teach Healthcare About Staff Satisfaction

September 15, 2016     Vincent Della Donna

There are plenty of design ideas worth borrowing from retail and hospitality leaders to provide healthier work spaces for healthcare staff. 

All Together Now: POE Insights Into Clinic Design

September 8, 2016     Tom Clark

Post-occupancy evaluations conducted on four different Patient-Centered Medical Home clinic designs yield insights into what works best.

Style And Substance: The New Healthcare Design Magazine

September 7, 2016     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief

We’ve enlisted a new design that will help us serve our audience better while also improving our operations. Sound familiar?

Union Village: Applying BIM/3-D Integrated Workflow

August 31, 2016     Danny Boh

In order to balance both time spent on design and construction, the team behind the new UHS Henderson Hospital, part of the in-progress Union Village health village project in Henderson, Nev., decided to overlap the two thanks to the use of technology. 

Healthcare Designers Go For The Gold

August 15, 2016     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief

Opportunities abound for healthcare providers to capitalize on our country’s athletic obsessions; meanwhile, designers of healthcare spaces engage in a little healthy competition of their own.

What Sports Medicine And Academic Medical Centers Have In Common

August 1, 2016     Joan Saba

Everyone benefits from high-performance design that breaks down silos, a lesson these seemingly disparate types of facility are both realizing. But there’s another group who stands to benefit, as well.

Trust Me; It’s Research

July 29, 2016     Ellen Taylor

The frenzy of today’s political discourse reminds us that facts and findings can be easily misinterpreted, misrepresented, and misused. Make sure you’re an informed user—and source—of evidence-based design knowledge. 

Building Health At Home

July 27, 2016     Angela Mazzi

Designing homes to support wellness may just be the next frontier for health systems.

Union Village: Conditions Of Satisfaction

July 13, 2016     Matt Carroll

A healthcare project’s conditions of satisfaction set the ultimate goal for work by defining success. The UHS Henderson Hospital project, part of the in-progress Union Village health village in Henderson, Nev., provides an example of the conditions that were identified for the new hospital as well as how team members will measure them. 

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

June 16, 2016     Joan Suchomel

When planning lighting programs in healthcare facilities, it’s important that designers think beyond the role daylighting plays in the healing process. Many critical body functions take place while we sleep at night and require total darkness in the patient care environment. 

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