Putting The "You" In "Team"

November 25, 2015     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief

While there may be no “i” in “team,” Healthcare Design insists on celebrating individuals who contribute to our industry's progress anyway. Here’s why.

4 Industry Factors Influencing Clinic Planning

November 19, 2015     Christine Guzzo Vickery

New programming needs in clinics are inspiring a modern approach to planning, with these four factors making the biggest bang. 

Passing The Gavel

November 11, 2015     Rosalyn Cama

As The Center for Health Design’s long-time board of directors chairperson steps down, she reminds us that there’s much for the organization and industry to prepare for.

A New Movement For Healthcare: Universal Design

November 4, 2015     Gary L. Vance

As more and more boomers reach age 65, the healthcare planning and design community continues to search for clarity on how to design facilities for this significant cohort. With much still to learn about the generation’s unique requirements, universal design may serve as an ideal solution. 

The Next Ebola Is Coming: Are Facilities Prepared?

October 23, 2015     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief

Infectious disease control was top of mind a year ago, but today, complacency is a threat. Understanding proper protocols and designing spaces to contain and treat highly communicative diseases require a pipeline of funding—and vigilance.

The Return Of The House Call?

October 20, 2015     Chris Bormann

Home healthcare is gaining traction, both in-person and virtually, necessitating facility and campus plans that provide the infrastructure necessary for a new take on an old care delivery method. 

Answering Boomers’ Wants With Knowledge-Based Design

October 16, 2015     Gary L. Vance

The needs and desires of the boomer generation are reshaping senior living projects at a rate that’s outpacing the ability of the design community to establish proven evidence-based design solutions, calling for the industry to start relying on what we do know. 

The Evolution Of Behavioral Healthcare Environments

October 14, 2015     Peter L. Bardwell

Just as the delivery of behavioral healthcare care has transformed over the years, the spaces where treatment is provided is taking new shape to support these modern solutions, from private patient rooms to behavioral health spaces within EDs. 

Healthcare Master Planning: An Evolving Specialty

October 9, 2015     Gary Vance

The master planning process is evolving, taking into consideration new ownership goals for population health management and providing care within communities. Understanding these concepts and bringing them to the table during conversations with leadership will be critical for planners moving forward.

Weathering The Storm

October 8, 2015     Debra Levin

Building resiliency into healthcare spaces means more than you might think.

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