Simulating Healthcare Spaces Through Virtual Reality

May 20, 2015     Taylor Cupp

Virtual reality isn’t just for gamers anymore. The technology is allowing healthcare project teams to simulate and experience spaces long before they’re built. But adopting this next frontier of design and construction comes with some rules for engagement.

Master Planning Wellness Into Healthcare Campuses

May 18, 2015     Tatiana Guimaraes

A new era of healthcare with an intense focus on population health is calling for hospital campuses that are outward focused rather than inward. This blog from AIA AAH discusses how a shift is taking place in master planning approaches to support providers’ community-based wellness initiatives.

Life Lessons So Far

May 13, 2015     Debra Levin

A 25-year career at The Center for Health Design yields 25 lessons spanning professional and personal life.

3 Reasons To Embark On A Master Plan

May 12, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

The master planning process is more complex than ever, but investing the time and effort can lead to a more efficient, well-focused organization.

Shaping The Future Of Modern Clinic Design

May 6, 2015     Christine Guzzo Vickery

We can’t assume that today’s clinic module will satisfy tomorrow’s patient needs. Rather, designs must add flexibility and adaptability to create successful spaces for the future.

Is There A Holographic Doctor In The House?

May 4, 2015     Debra Levin

Emerging technologies stand to reinvent the way healthcare is delivered, enhancing accessibility and lowering costs, all without losing that personal touch.

Considering Cultural Needs In NICU Design

April 28, 2015     Gloria Cornell

During a trip to Abu Dhabi and a tour of a new 150-bed specialty hospital, I discovered how the UAE is taking a more integrated approach to women’s and children’s care.

The Evolution Of Healthcare Design Interiors

April 24, 2015     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief

Healthcare interiors have come a long way from the days when the words “design” and “hospital” were rarely used in the same sentence

Removing Healthcare Design Research Barriers

April 23, 2015     Debra Levin

The Center for Health Design is rolling out new tools to help designers navigate the complexities of healthcare research to more easily apply findings to projects.

What’s The Value of Research In The Creative Design Process?

April 15, 2015     Sheila Elijah-Barnwell

While a fear exists that relying too greatly on research might trivialize the role of the designer in creating healthcare spaces, findings also provide evidence that can be interpreted and applied to designs in any number of ways.

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