6 Evidence-Based Design Strategies For Med/Surg Rooms

May 19, 2016     Debra Levin

The Center for Health Design studied patient rooms in medical/surgical units to identify the top design considerations that should be introduced for improved patient and staff safety. Here’s a look at the top six. 

What Does It Really Mean To Design For Wellness?

April 26, 2016     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief

The effort to promote and support population health and wellness has few rivals in its influence on healthcare today, inspiring the planning, design, and construction community to create environments that help providers deliver on that mission. Healthcare Design asked industry members how wellness is being defined in their work—and they showed us. 

Designing Healthcare Spaces To Support Healthy Lifestyles

April 21, 2016     Deborah Smith

The healthcare built environment is evolving from a place where sickness is treated to a place where health is promoted and wellness is maintained. The solutions being brought to the table by the design community to support that initiative are plentiful, and this latest blog from the AIA-AAH outlines a few worth considering.  

Is It Time To Reinvent Healthcare Design?

April 15, 2016     Debra Levin

For any industry, being at a critical junction can often mean re-examining and reimagining core offerings—and now may just be that time for those charged with creating healthcare environments. 

New Terrain: Designing Outdoor Rehab Spaces

April 1, 2016     Brenna Costello

Rehabilitation patients are often challenged by what were once routine movements, such as traversing an incline or stepping up onto a curve. To help ease their transition from hospital to home, facilities are designing terrain parks and agility courses that challenge and help patients regain independence. 

The Intersection Of Healthcare And Politics

March 30, 2016     Christine Guzzo Vickery

Healthcare and politics have long been intertwined. Lessons learned from how government interventions affected care delivery in the past can help designers anticipate how best to create clinical care environments that respond to this current wave of reform. 

Creating Short-Stay Environments For The Chronically Ill

March 23, 2016     Sheila F. Cahnman

Health systems are starting to dip their toes in a new model of care that concentrates on patients who require significant clinical management and provides an alternative to inpatient or emergency settings. The move calls for a potentially unique healthcare environment, and a project in-progress offers an example of what might be done. 

Who's Your Design Team MVP?

March 17, 2016     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief

Every design team has an unsung hero who deserves a public pat on the back. Tell us about yours.

Union Village: Engaging A City

March 10, 2016     George Vangelatos

As the IPD team behind the massive, in-progress Union Village health village in Henderson, Nev., proceeds with the project, one of its architects sheds light on ways the local community is being involved in the design and construction process and the rewards that come from making the effort. 

New Health Systems Call For New Building Types

March 10, 2016     Scot Latimer

A new model for care delivery is emerging in the growth of multispecialty ambulatory facilities, inspiring the design industry to consider what this building type requires to deliver on expectations for efficiency and value. 

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