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The New Guidelines Are (Almost) Here

February 28, 2014     Sara O. Marberry
This year rings in the latest installment of the Facility Guidelines Institute’s Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities, which includes plenty of updates from the 2010 edition.

Safety First: Designing Healthcare Spaces To Avoid Adverse Events

February 18, 2014     Anjali Joseph and Ellen Taylor
A new tool being developed by The Center for Health Design aims to help designers create safer facilities.

The HCD 10: Meet The 2nd Annual Winners

January 27, 2014     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief
Our second annual list of 10 outstanding industry pros offers a snapshot of what can be accomplished—individually, and as an industry—in one year’s time.

Back To Life At Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

November 25, 2013     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital extends its healing mission to remediate a brownfield site on Boston's waterfront and build a resilient new hospital

Research Shows Design Impacts Patient Mobility

November 12, 2013     Ellen Taylor
Architects and designers have the opportunity to help healthcare providers understand how the environment can improve outcomes resulting from patient immobility.

Healthcare Facility Assessments: A Roadmap To The Future

November 7, 2013     Aran A. Mc Carthy
Facilities assessments can guide the decision-making process for building projects—large and small.

Puyallup Medical Center Blazes A Trail To LEED For Healthcare

October 15, 2013     Natasha Epstein
Washington's Group Health Puyallup Medical Center, the first in the country to earn a LEED for Healthcare certification, learned plenty of lessons along its way.

Converting Commercial Buildings Into Healthcare Facilities

October 11, 2013     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief
The opportunities to convert retail and commercial spaces for healthcare usage abound—and they’re only growing. What’s next? And how are architect and engineers rising to the challenge?

Cleveland Clinic Designs For A Worst-Case Scenario

October 7, 2013     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
To build an on-campus research facility for its new 7T MRI machine, the hospital had to overcome several challenges, starting with a magnet that's triple the weight of a typical diagnostic magnet.

Reducing Fall Risks In Healthcare

August 19, 2013     Ellen Taylor
How research-based design can help hospitals avoid the reimbursement challenges that come with fall-related injuries.
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