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Tipping Point Of Sustainable Design

April 18, 2014     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
Energy efficient, low-VOC, and LEED—these are all part of the growing green vernacular in healthcare design. So when will green buildings be the norm?

Proving ROI On Healthcare Design

April 15, 2014     Ellen Taylor
Presenting a business case to justify proposed design interventions in healthcare facilities can be challenging, but there are plenty of approaches to take to support an investment.

Operations Commissioning: Putting New Healthcare Buildings To The Test

April 8, 2014     Kathy Reno and David Grazman
In the same way that commissioning ensures building systems were installed properly and will perform as expected, clinical operations commissioning assesses building workflows created by a new space to ensure staff is ready to accept patients in it.

Full Immersion: Learning The Impact Of Design Firsthand

March 25, 2014     Christine Guzzo Vickery
A healthcare designer shares the pros and cons that he noted after becoming a patient in a bed tower he designed a decade ago.

Fundamentals Of Cancer Center Design: The Caregivers

March 19, 2014     Jason Schroer and Carol Kartje
In the second installment of a four-part series on the growing need for cancer treatment facilities and how to create a holistic approach to their planning and design, the roles of various caregivers is defined, providing insight on their work to create the most supportive environment.

PHOTO TOUR: Cedars-Sinai Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion

March 14, 2014     posted by Kristin D. Zeit
Take a visual walk through Cedars-Sinai Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion in Los Angeles, opened in June 2013.

How To Design A ‘Smart’ Hospital

March 10, 2014     Evan Weremeychik
To support care delivery today and tomorrow, technology integration must be a major piece of any new facility project. A new endocrinology center in the works offers insight into the art of creating a technologically advanced hospital.

PHOTO TOUR: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Community Health Center

February 21, 2014     Posted by Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
Take a virtual walk through the multispecialty clinic in Green Township, Ohio, opened in 2013.

The Year Of The Environmental Audit

February 20, 2014     Rosalyn Cama
Four steps offer owners a plan for action to deliver a better patient experience in 2014.

Safety First: Designing Healthcare Spaces To Avoid Adverse Events

February 18, 2014     Anjali Joseph and Ellen Taylor
A new tool being developed by The Center for Health Design aims to help designers create safer facilities.
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