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It's Time To Take Another Look at Sustainable Design

January 14, 2016     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief

“Green design” may not be the buzzword it used to be, but with solutions implemented years ago now bearing measurable results, it may be poised for a new day in the sun.


Educational Highlights, Photos From The 2015 HCD Expo & Conference

January 12, 2016     compiled by Kristin D. Zeit

The 2015 Healthcare Design Expo & Conference brought thousands together to learn and engage in Washington, D.C. Here, we've compiled some of the educational highlights to give you a taste of the four-day event, along with a gallery's worth of images. 


Time for Change: Top Insights From the 2015 Healthcare Design Conference

December 17, 2015     Adam Armstrong

Imagine looking at an exam room from 20 years ago, and compare it to contemporary exam rooms.  Overwhelmingly, there is little to no difference between the two.   In the world of healthcare design, it is time for change.

Watch this video as the Steelcase Health team shares their insights from the 2015 Healthcare Design Conference in Washington D.C. .  Listen to key thought leaders detail how they shared over 10,000 hours of evidence-based behavioral field data and analysis, illustrated key applications and design concepts in a booth that were driven by these findings, and the true impact space can have on patient outcomes.


3 Lessons From Going To The Gemba

December 4, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

Designer Deborah Adler shared how going to the places where the work is done has helped her solve problems and discover new ideas for healthcare design, branding, and packaging, during her closing keynote at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference in Washington, D.C.


Getting To Net Zero

November 17, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

As hospitals continue to look for more efficient and sustainable ways to operate their buildings, new strategies are required. Speakers at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference review some of the active, passive, and renewable systems worth considering and how they can impact building design and bottom lines.


Expanding The Conversation On Population-Based Care

November 16, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

Searching for a way to better serve vulnerable patients, speakers at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference share the idea of a population-based patient unit and how it can improve outcomes and continuums of care.

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