Better Care Through Better Design

The Healthcare Design Conference is the premier event devoted to how the design of responsibly built environments directly impacts the safety, operation, clinical outcomes, and financial success of healthcare facilities now and into the future. With roughly 4000 participants at the Healthcare Design Conference, this is the industry’s best-attended conference where attendees can earn up to 21 continuing education credits, network with peers, and influence the direction of the industry as it advances into the future.


2013 Session Presentations

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2014 Session Tracks

advancements clinical aia perspectives programming improving specialty designing ambulatory optima lean construction renovations facilities
advancementsAdvancements in Evidence-Based Design Research—offers juried research studies that span the healthcare design environment. Learn the methodologies and approaches, hear the outcomes, discuss their applications, and focus on next steps.
clinicalClinical Perspectives—offers a focus on clinical perspectives and knowledge as they relate to healthcare design. Although CE certified for nursing clinicians, these programs are applicable to all attendees.
aia AIA AAH Forums—addresses critical topics related to major issues and trends in health facility design. A favorite among attendees, this series is brought to you by the AIA AAH, noted thought leaders in the industry.
perspectivesRethinking Women's and Children's Healthcare Spaces—outlines breakthrough thinking in the unique arena of pediatric healthcare and advancements in women-focused healthcare design.
programmingProgramming, Planning & Design—addresses a myriad of case studies, methodologies, and outcomes in the healthcare built environment processes. This track offers tools, techniques, and approaches that lead to success.
improvingImproving the Patient and Family Experience—shares innovative and effective initiatives and methodologies that advance the patient/family experience and positively impact clinical and satisfaction outcomes.
specialtySpecialty Areas and Approaches—addresses an array of population groups with unique care needs (e.g., oncology, spinal cord, etc.) as well as specialty care areas (e.g., ED, trauma, clinical units). These niche sessions offer models for developing patient-centric, outcome-oriented, and cost-effective care settings.
designingDesigning for Wellness—offers innovative models and approaches that help us reimagine how health infrastructure can improve patient outcomes and support a comprehensive model of wellness.
ambulatoryAmbulatory Care Advancements—explores new approaches and settings for the rapidly growing arena of ambulatory care as driven by public health needs and fueled by new policies.
optimalOptimal Operations—offers case studies and stories of healthcare organizations that have employed various strategies to improve operations. Attendees will learn about effective approaches, processes, hurdles, and solutions.
leanLEAN Methodologies and Simulations—discuss LEAN concepts, approaches, process implications, and methods for simulations—all rapidly becoming an imperative to successful healthcare organizations and systems.
constructionConstruction and IPD Processes—offers case studies and stories of healthcare organizations that have employed various strategies to advance their construction and IPD Processes. Attendees will learn about effective approaches, processes, hurdles, and solutions.
renovationsRenovations and Conversions—presents state-of-the-art examples where new ideas, frameworks, concepts, and approaches have been successfully deployed to renovate and/or transform structures for a completely new purpose.
facilitiesFacilities Management—hosted by the Health Care Institute (HCI) of IFMA, this track is led by noted experts in the field of healthcare facilities management. Discover an array of topics that cover the spectrum of FM and today’s critical issues.

Healthcare Design Conference News


Caring For Cancer Kids: Innovative Designs

October 10, 2014     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief
The Family-Centered Cancer Care Design Competition from the Institute for Patient-Centered Design names its top three finalists; see their designs here.

What Do Healthcare Leaders Have To Say About The Future?

October 7, 2014     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
During the Healthcare Design Conference in November, a keynote panel will discuss the state of the industry and how the built environment will need to adapt. Here's a preview.

Renovation Tips For Converting To Private Rooms

September 17, 2014     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
There’s more to turning double patient rooms to private than just removing a bed. Speakers at the 2014 Healthcare Design Conference will share their top 10 considerations when making the transition.

Bringing Daylight To Surgical Areas

September 12, 2014     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor
A growing design strategy involves bringing more natural light into nontraditional areas, including surgical environments. Speakers at the 2014 Healthcare Design Conference share some effective design strategies and the lessons learned from international projects.

Why International Healthcare Projects Are Grabbing The Spotlight

September 11, 2014     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief
So many attention-grabbing projects these days are sitting on foreign soil. Is it a grass-is-greener thing? Or legitimately “better” examples of architecture and interior design?

What Price, Fame?

May 15, 2014     Kristin D. Zeit, Editor-in-Chief
Big-name, mainstream designers and architects who dabble in the healthcare realm can raise the hackles of those who’ve built an entire career in our industry. Should they?
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