Outside of the question, “Where did you say your firm is located?” I would say that the next biggest question is “What is LEED, and what does it have to do with healthcare?” So, I am going to take a moment and answer that question. The LEED for Healthcare Green Building Rating System was developed to meet the unique needs of the healthcare market, including inpatient care facilities.

Unless you are one of the few that does not use the internet, read the paper, or watch television, you are probably very aware that we are a society that has to take steps to encourage and accelerate global adoption. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System is in place to develop and implement a universal understanding of the tools necessary to guide the healthcare industry to a sustainable green building.

The ultimate goal is to better the industry and create an environment that has an increased sensitivity to chemical and pollutants, traveling distances from parking facilities and access to natural spaces. To date, more than 100 healthcare facilities were included in a pilot program to conduct organizational structure. Green is becoming a standard for all products that we, as individuals, use in our daily lives, when by all accounts, The LEED for Healthcare rating systems has spent the last four years in close collaboration between the Green Guide for Healthcare and the USGBC to help streamline our new safer environment for hospitals, doctors offices, and all units associated with bettering our stay during recovery.

Green hospitals will seek to reduce use of exposure and toxic chemicals and provide a healthier healing environment. By implementing green design, they will reduce the use of energy and water, and the quality of indoor air will be an extremely better for the patients.

Numerous studies have shown that by creating green, the level of happiness, health, and productivity where dramatically higher. What does this mean to you as a patient? Better care, lower medical cost, and faster recovery periods. Improving the environment of hospitals will assist nurses and doctors and make for a better working place, which in turn has proven few mistakes.

My firm has taken the action to be a LEED Accredited Firm. We want to be a part of such a significant movement; a movement to a better world. After all, we are a public that is moving forward, so I would say if you are not aware of the “Greeneration Movement”, get involved. It is going to be an amazing ride!