Hardware for sliding doors/panels

Flexible Suspension Hardware for sliding wood doors from Hafele America Co. is easy to use and install, and is maintenance-free. Hawa Junior, an innovative, low-friction rolling system for sliding wood doors, is available in four weight classes. Designed to minimize fitting height, the suspension techniques allow superior flexibility according to the size of the door panel and the location of the track.

The company also offers Hawa Telescopic Sliding Hardware, a simple but elegant system that allows wood panels to slide neatly behind each other. The panels are linked via a toothed belt and pulleys, causing them to either slide in opposing directions or simultaneously move aside. This system can be used to hold four panels weighing up to 88 lbs or two panels weighing up to 176 lbs.

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Roof hatch

The Bilco Company introduces its VersaMount™ access hatch, which provides ease of operation, weathertight performance, and years of maintenance-free service. This hatch incorporates a unique, versatile mounting system that provides fast, laborsaving installation.

Each VersaMount hatch comes with a wood mounting frame that separates from the hatch and can be fastened to an existing curb or around a curbless opening. It raises the hatch from the base or roof level to resize non-standard-size openings, allowing a standard-size hatch to be used. It also provides a plumb, level mounting surface. VersaMount's curb profile permits easy installation on conventional build-up/membrane roofs. Its low-profile frame enables a job-built curb to suit project requirements for the roof's finished height and slope.

The VersaMount hatch's anchor-clip system allows easy fastening to either horizontal or vertical surfaces. When the hatch is installed, these clips are fastened to the interior of the frame, enhancing the security of the installation.

The hatch's dimensions are significantly smaller than industry-standard scuttles, offering potential cost savings on shipping, handling, and storage.

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Door system

The Total Door system from Openings® features a design that integrates all door components in a reliable system that simplifies installation and maintenance. The factory-assembled systems eliminate the need to order, coordinate, and site-assemble door components, reducing installation time and potential field problems. Their continuous hinge and locking channels have been tested to more than 10 million cycles.

Both steel and wood doors are available in the Total Door line. A full line of fire ratings is available, from 20 minutes through 3 hours, with positive and negative pressure ratings. Nonrated doors are also available. Total Doors can be custom-fit to almost any size opening in 1/16" increments, and their hinge and latch design can work in almost any retrofit application.

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Lockable accordion doors

Installation of a Woodfold accordion folding door provides a practical, attractive, and economical solution for protecting medical file systems in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which requires that health and medical records be guarded by an attendant or locked up for security. Woodfold accordion doors are custom-made and available from an extensive network of building product and specialty suppliers.

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Patient ID

This transmitter-based, selective monitoring system by Secure Care Products is used throughout hospitals as a way to prevent accidental wandering from a facility by a patient. When a monitored patient approaches the exit, the system identifies the person by name, locks the door, and reports the attempted exit to the nurse console. The nurse console displays the person's name, room number, and the exit location. Typical applications include Pediatric, Infant, Geriatric, and Psychiatric patient populations.

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