The proposed healthcare reform bills, if passed...

60.0% - Will have a noticeable impact on healthcare design

10% - Will have no impact on healthcare design

30% - May have an impact, but not in the immediate future


- When there are changes in the way health care is paid for e.g. as provided by the healthcare reform bills, it will automatically change human behaviour. Once healthcare is in the hands of the Government, costs WILL soar with a consequent need to reduce costs and try and reverse the change in human behaviour. For example, building more ambulatory care centers, accelerating a trend that has already begun, to allow an increase in the use of less invasive surgical procedures, and provide specialized services currently provided by hospitals e.g. dialysis. There will be an increase in the building of wellness centers.

- It already has. While the financial industry has affected Healthcare, the possibility of reform has put a secondary chill to the industry. Time will tell what the ultimate impact will be. Will everyone survive until it happens is a question that begs to be answered.