Crystal CG
The new Cypress Pavilion Medical Office Building is part of an existing medical campus with a distinct neighborhood identity. On upper floors, expanses of storefront glazing alternate with a light-colored brick that matches the adjacent Orchard Pavilion. The street façade is plaster with individual window openings. Individual panes of glass within the curtainwall system are set at two different depths from the face of the mullions, providing a lively façade by increasing the play of light and shadow.

Chong Partners Architecture

In contrast to the brick, the solid mass of aluminum and glass above gives the impression that the upper floors float free of the ground level. The main entrance, sheltered by a canopy, leads into a dramatic two-story glass lobby that reinforces the look of lightness and modernity and is consistent with the image of El Camino Hospital.

Project category: Project in Progress (June 2006)

Chief administrator: Marla Gularte, Interim CEO, (650) 940-7000

Firm: Chong Partners Architecture, (415) 433-0120

Design team: Geoff Adams, Li Kuo, Eileen Ong, Adolfo Pena-Iguraran, John Sealander, Bryan Shiles

Illustration: Crystal CG; Chong Partners Architecture

Total building area (sq. ft.): 124,700

Construction cost/sq. ft.: Not released

Total construction cost (excluding land): Not released

Parking is provided in a nearby parking structure, as well as in a surface lot directly in front of Cypress Pavilion. The site plan integrates the MOB and parking structure to create an easily understood entry plaza. These components, in addition to the building's angled floor plan, separate pedestrians and vehicles.

The layout of each floor provides a wide bay between corridors and exterior walls to accommodate large medical practices, and a narrower bay for small, single-physician office suites. The ground-floor outpatient clinics, including the endoscopy center, required occupancy separation from the rest of the building and independent exiting.
Crystal CG