Sentara Heart Hospital, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Blue MedSpa, Atlanta
Installing custom water features in healthcare facilities requires much more care in engineering than installations in other facilities. Bluworld approaches installations in healthcare facilities a bit differently than in other environments. We are aware of special concerns in healthcare environments, and we make sure to suggest and even insist on using the proper filtration and sterilization systems for the water feature, which include reverse osmosis, ionizers, ozone, and ultraviolet systems. We have also designed encapsulated features in which the water runs down the inside panels and is completely contained within the feature.

Wisconsin Heart Hospital, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Our account managers work with our clients to determine the design, then provide a proposal for the desired feature. Once the proposal is accepted, we provide a full set of specification drawings to the client for approval. After the drawings are approved, fabrication begins at our headquarters. Our typical installation team consists of two or three installers from our own shop—usually the same team that actually built the feature—who fly to the site and receive the crates. Working with the contractor, even a large free-standing feature can be installed in as little as two days. Bluworld's own installers build the feature on-site, set it into place, make all of the necessary electrical and plumbing connections, water-test the feature, and give the owners an overview and orientation on the use and maintenance of the feature.

The major concern for our clients is to create a calming enviroment in their facilities. Water and water elements are proven to have that affect on people. Our water features in healthcare facilities are among our most appealing and creative designs to date. The Encapsulated feature—a design that uses water falling down the inside of two panels and is sealed on the ends—has become very popular. This design helps keep moisture and any potential bacteria or pathogens contained in the system.

Generally, the designer or architect has a good idea of the type and design of the water feature they want. Our account managers and engineers work with them to modify the design if necessary to ensure the functionality of the feature. Our experience in working solely with water features really gives us an advantage in determining the best feature for the space. Clients quickly learn that our “if you dream it, we can build it” motto is not just a motto. HD