In schools and colleges across America, and around the world, there are students ready to learn, in need of mentors, and entering the workforce they decided to passionately pursue. But are they really connecting their onscreen skill with what the real world or a real job has in store for them?

There is a wealth of knowledge and creativity coming out of academic institutions, as demonstrated by some of the projects submitted to various design competitions. Experienced as well as budding designers are needed, appreciated, and responding to this ever-changing world.

One program looking to bridge the gap of learning and experience in a different way is a partnership between

The George Washington University (GW), and other supporting organizations, for a worthwhile undertaking called "

A NEW DAWN AYITI." This is a collaborative effort to design a sustainable healthcare clinic in Haiti. The project began in April 2009 with Professor Nadia Volchansky and graduate students from the GW interior design program.

Follow their progress on Twitter and Facebook. Also check out Professor Volchansky's YouTube clip.