Assigning appropriate credit for specific project inputs can be an issue in this field. My own view is:

-I think too many people are hung up on receiving credit. Why? What difference does it really make? If you think it somehow leads to career advancement or winning commissions, you are nieve.

-We often see our work published with no credit given for our Interior Design.

-I have experienced not only omissions of credit, but outright subsumption of credit for work performed by another team member

-As a small Interior Design firm that is often teamed with large full service national A/E firms by the client, we rarely get the credit when the jobs are published... even though our contributions are often the exact thing shown in the photographs. it is very frustrating and it seems very unprofessiona land petty of these mega firms to do this so often.. We always give credit when asked for project information to all parties involved as it is the right thing to do.