Project Category - New Construction and Remodel/Renovation (completed May 2001)

Facility Contact - Richard Zajac, Director, Plant Operations and Redevelopment, (416) 813-7118

Firm - Parkin Architects Limited, (416) 467-8000

Design Team - Dr. Peter Chait, Doctor; Dr. John Smith, Director, Medical Engineering (The Hospital for Sick Children); Ain Allas, Director; Chandra Suchak, Vice-President; Francy Kralik, Associate (Parkin Architects Limited)

Patient/Bed Capacity - 4 procedure rooms, 5 recovery/prep bays

Total Building Area (sq. ft.) - Approx. 7,200 (addition); approx. 23,000 (renovations)

Total Land Area (acres) - N/A

Total Cost - $30,000,000 (including equipment)

The Image Guided Therapy (IGT) Suite is a sophisticated imaging facility integrated with a skilled surgical practice in the delivery of a range of image-guided and minimally invasive procedures. The IGT Suite includes the core department located on the Atrium Center/West, 2nd floor, with an addition to the west to house the four IGT Procedure Rooms. The IGT Support Space, including the Multimedia Room, is built in the Atrium South, 2nd floor.

The IGT Procedure Rooms are Operating Room Standard and have a specific requirement for a high clear ceiling height; hence, the addition was proposed. The existing floor-to-floor heights were limited for this purpose. The IGT Suite is a self-contained unit and includes a Reception/Waiting Area, five-stretcher Recovery/Prep area, Consultants' Viewing Room, Clean Supply, Sterilization and Equipment Rooms.

The IGT Support Space, including Physician and other Staff Offices, On-Call Rooms and Multimedia Room, is to the south of the IGT Suite and also relates to the rest of the Diagnostic Imaging Department to the west. The 1st floor of the addition to the west houses the Mechanical and Electrical equipment related to the IGT Suite.

The work involves approximately 7,200 sq. ft. of new construction for the four IGT suites themselves. New construction was required in order to provide the ceiling height and clear span structure necessary for the imaging equipment. The remainder of the program involved renovation of areas totaling approximately 23,000 sq. ft. Construction of the project started in September 1999.

The IGT Suite is fully integrated with both the existing Surgical Suite and Ambulatory Surgical Care Unit (ASCU). The plan was developed in consideration of the future evolution of those programs. Future technologies have been anticipated as much as possible. Flexibility and redundancy have been emphasized.

Great efforts were made to create an environment that is comfortable and appealing to the children and their parents, through the use of form, light, texture and color. The suite's interior design is based on the Jester theme.

This project addressed several deficiencies in the Surgical Area, and the Waiting Room/Interview Rooms have been improved. Better Locker/Change and Support facilities to the surgical program also have been provided. The Multimedia Room has computer outlets at each seat. Procedures in any IGT procedure room can be relayed via audio/video to the Multimedia Room.