Project category: New construction (completed August 2001)

Chief administrator: James Alender, President and CEO, (765) 453-0702

Firm: URS Corporation, (317) 636-7469

Design team: Joseph P. Greenan, RA, Director of URS Health; Audrey J. Johnson, AIA, Project Architect; Kevin Harvey, Graduate Architect

Photography: © Justin Maconochie

Total building area (sq. ft.): 36,000 (20,000 surgery center)

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $153

Total cost (excluding land): $5,500,000

Connected to the hospital via an enclosed walkway, this freestanding facility includes a 20,000-square-foot surgery center, as well as individual physician office space. The center provides a hospitality-style delivery of services. Patient areas are equipped with furniture, fabrics, and decoration similar to what one would find in a comfortable hotel. Separating the patient-stay area from the procedure area provides a relaxing space for patient preparation and recovery. The connection to the hospital provides a safety net to the patient if a procedure needs additional attention.

The surgery center consists of 4 operating rooms, 2 special-procedure rooms, 15 private patient rooms, and other required staff and support spaces. The central nursing station provides the link between the two areas.

Patients and their families are escorted to a private patient room where patients are prepped. After the procedure, patients are returned directly to the patient room for Phase 1 and Phase 2 recovery; there is no intermediate recovery room. Of the 15 rooms, 6 are larger to accommodate overnight patient stays.

The center is designed to have a unique identity from that of the hospital, yet physically remain connected. This was achieved by placing the main entry as far from the existing building as possible. The center is arranged in a cluster fashion, with the center filling in the space between the buildings. The center has been designed to accommodate a future expansion, which will house 2 additional operating rooms, 10 patient rooms, and additional support space.