Planning public areas in healthcare requires an in-depth look at how space has an impact on a patient's or a visitor's emotional state. The healthcare experience is one that exists with, among other things, a delicate balance of the practical and the human spirit. Connecting an entryway, a waiting area, or other specialized areas within the facility presents an opportunity to relate the ethos of that hospital.

Phil Duff from NBBJ Architects showed a short movie prepared by John Pangrazio and Christian Carlson, also of NBBJ Architects, at the HEALTHCARE DESIGN conference in Nashville last month. It explores the concepts and case studies that influence or define healthcare public spaces. 
The movie, originally presented in 2009, is the continuation of a discussion that began in 2007 but still inspires dialogue about how the many needs of the patient, family, or staff can be attended to in public spaces. How can the patient's experience with healthcare be improved through the planning and design of a public space? Providing respite, inspiration, courage, distraction, reflection, imagination or a moment that connects in what can be busy environment, is the main focus for these spaces. 
Take a moment to watch the movie (in three parts) and give your thoughts on how you identify with healthcare public spaces. 
Healthcare Public Spaces and the Power of Design - Part 1 
Healthcare Public Spaces and the Power of Design - Part 2  
Healthcare Public Spaces and the Power of Design - Part 3