A roundup of the most talked about articles and topics for the month on our LinkedIn group takes us over to TheHEALTHCARE DESIGN Connection. The "
Small Hospital, Big Idea" competition from Kaiser Permanente has garnered some interest among our members. The competition is welcoming professionals in the field to bring ideas to the table using technology and design to deliver care in smaller hospitals. Another topic garnering activity in the group is the
announcement of a $15,000 grant from the Academy of Architecture for Health Foundation to the AIA Tampa Bay-AAH, with additional funding from the Rothschild Foundation and "in-kind" contributions from AIA AAH-Tampa Bay committee members for a research project titled "Optimizing Toilet Location for Assisted Toileting." Both projects are looking to tap into fresh views and ideas from architects, designers, engineers, students, and many others. So if you’ve got a thought on your mind, chip in and keep the discussion going!