Project category: Project in progress (June 2005)

Chief administrator: Roderick L. Williams, Vice-President for Ambulatory and Outpatient Service & Nursing and Rehabilitation, (703) 858-6600

Firm: DiGiorgio Associates, Inc., (617) 723-7100

Design team: Domenic DiGiorgio, Principal-in-Charge; James E. Boggs, Project Manager; Jason Beshore, Project Designer; Gnanesh Desai, Project Architect (DiGiorgio Associates, Inc.); Karin S. Mahious, Interior Designer (DerMarderosian + DerMarderosian, Inc.)

Photography: Jason Beshore, DiGiorgio Associates, Inc.

Total building area (sq. ft.): 9,980

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $140

Total construction cost (excluding land): $1,400,000

The Mary Elizabeth Miller Cancer Care Center is the first tenant of the new five-story Medical Office Building (MOB) located on the Inova® Loudoun Hospital Lansdowne campus. This will now facilitate treatment of the hospital's inpatients, as well. The primary objectives for the building were to develop a structure and layout that would support highly technical healthcare tenants, as well as be cost-effective to construct and maintain.

The Cancer Care Center was an integral part of the design of the MOB, particularly from the standpoint of the linear accelerator's location and overall aesthetic appeal. A planned healing garden will wrap around the exterior with a pondless waterfall along the side, and a second one will be located behind the front seating area.

For the interior of the Cancer Care Center, the focus was placed on operational efficiency for the staff, as well as patient privacy and comfort throughout treatment. To create a soothing environment, natural textures and light, carefully selected color palettes, and greenery will be incorporated throughout the space. A member of the architectural team donated a unique water feature, located in the waiting area. The center's chief therapist and dosimetrist, quoted in the hospital's newsletter, said, “I'm so proud to be a part of the new Cancer Center project. Key to the success of the layout of the space, the design, and functionality of the Center has been staff input and involvement in the planning. The Center will be very nonclinical in appearance, offering a soothing environment.”