Nature-inspired seating pattern

Victor Innovatex has launched its new open line seating pattern, Rivière. Rivière is 100% Eco Intelligent® Polyester and is certified Cradle to Cradle Gold by MBDC. The pattern consists of whimsical, free-flowing multicolored dots in a sequential format, and is available in 13 color options. It has also passed abrasion tests for 80,000 double rubs. In addition, Rivière was designed and manufactured for safe, perpetual recycling, using Victor's Eco Intelligent® Polyester and optimized dye chemistry.

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Flexible table line

Blending architecturally inspired design with a fully functional table, Synthesis tables from KI provide maximum flexibility through a variety of standard design choices. Fixed, folding, or flip-top styles are offered in multiple profiles. Its pin-height adjustability, cantilevered legs, and rolling bases add ergonomic comfort and flexibility to workspaces.

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Textile collection

Partly made with fiber from bamboo, Pallas® Textiles' Endurance and Perseverance collections offer a sensual surface. Designed by Lori Weitzner as part of the new Tribute Collection, the color of each reflects a silky sheen with breathability and skin-friendly effects.

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Swiveling furniture collection

The Turnaround® Collection by Klaus Nienkämper was inspired by the way people like to meet in a more informal and casual, but comfortable setting to interact with each other and explore different ideas. The armless chair has a backrest that can swivel 360 degrees around the seat, which also turns. The armchair turns or is available on hidden casters.

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Fully upholstered seating

Cooper Club from Spec Furniture ensures design continuity with the entire Cooper Collection of healthcare public seating designs. The all-steel arched foot provides wall-saving benefits and durability. Cooper Club is available freestanding or connected, in fully upholstered one-, two-, and three-seat designs. Arms are available fully upholstered with the option of wood or poly arm detail. Spacer, corner, and end tables ensure that any layout is achievable. Bariatric designs are available.

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Cabinet series

The Viridian cabinet series from Nurture by Steelcase is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Featuring eco-friendly, 3-mm-thick polypropylene edging, the cabinet cores are constructed from 100% preconsumer recycled wood fiber and are urea formaldehyde-free. Rolling casters provide ease of mobility and easy-glide drawers offer trouble-free access to stored materials. A unique optional wing top provides additional surface area and is supported by a recycled aluminum “flying bridge” bracket.

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Modular seating collection

Comprised of sculpted wood back or fully upholstered lounge chairs, as well as bench seats and tables, Avesa Modular by Arcadia has a contemporary design that extends beyond conventional lounge seating. Its simple geometric design by product designer Manuel G. Vesa offers an uncomplicated approach with the flexibility to create classic or unconventional configurations.

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Observation windows

Established in the United Kingdom more than 20 years ago, Vistamatic observation windows have earned a reputation as the premium choice for architects, designers, and project managers. After ten years in development and testing, the Vistaport has been introduced. The circular observation window, aptly named for its nautical predecessor, reflects the original square and rectangular product line including ease of operation, multifunctionality, and durability.

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Vertical surfacing collection

The Lonzebra Collection by Lonseal is the company's first running line product in its expanding vertical surfacing portfolio. As a vertical surfacing product, Lonzebra can be applied on the floor, wall, or even the ceiling for endless design possibilities. At 68 mil. thick, its vertical sheets are more pliable than traditional vinyl, giving it greater ease to conform to vertical and overhead surfaces. This added flexibility also allows it to accentuate and complement wall and ceiling curvatures. Specifiers can choose from eight exotic colors. Lonseal's heterogeneous sheet vinyl is composed of 20% postindustrial recycled content.

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Wall-mounted computing station

ShareLink 8 by Details! is a wall-mounted, ergonomic, computing station. It instantly adjusts across a range of 12 pivot points to alleviate the stress of improper computing posture. It also features a 24-inch keyboard height adjustment range and one-hand height adjustment activation. A steel CPU cover safeguards hardware from the bumps of mobile equipment. A perforated CPU access door disperses heat to ensure uninterrupted and secure work.

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Commercial tile line

Azrock Cortina Colors commercial tile line by Tarkett features a new spectrum of color and a fresh design. The 27 new Cortina Colors offer a wide range of colors, from neutral and muted hues that provide a soothing field color to vibrant and striking colors that offer a contemporary and trendy look.

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Homogeneous sheet flooring

With Melodia homogenous sheet flooring from Johnsonite, harmony is a balance of aesthetics, performance, and economics. Melodia's homogeneous construction means colors and patterns run all the way through, helping maintain its looks for the life of the floor, which can be 20 years or more. It's also slip-resistant, resilient, and easy to maintain.

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Ergonomic seating line

Designed in collaboration with several leading healthcare architects, designers, and professionals, Jordan from Krug is a collection that transcends conventional healthcare seating. A comprehensive research and design process has yielded aesthetic beauty, combined with exceptional ergonomic support and sitting comfort.

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Environmentally friendly carpet tile

Touch from Designweave translates the intricacies, delicacies, and beauty of the bespoke into environmentally friendly carpet tile—at an accessible price. Four unique collections—Blanket, Needlework, WhatKnot and Tights—depict traces of handwork and fine craft. Each collection's styles are a visual play on varying scale, detail, and clarity depicting impressions of the handmade. The entire Touch collection is a 24" sustainable tile product made of recycled and recyclable Eco Solution® Q fiber and EcoWorx® backing, incorporating cradle-to-cradle design principles.

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LED nightlights

The Cooper Circadian Series is a new family of LED nightlights and chart/reading lights offering an energy efficient, low-glare solution for aiding nighttime navigation. Offered in three unique styles, the nightlights feature aesthetics, durability, and low power consumption in a compact but powerful package. Available with white, red, or amber LEDs, the long-lasting LEDs bring soft, low-level illumination to small areas without disturbing sleep.

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