It isn't often that this editorial space is devoted to the happenings in another publication, but in this case, the exception is warranted. Vendome Group, publishers of HEALTHCARE DESIGN, have acquired Healthcare Building Ideas magazine, and the first issue under our umbrella should be hitting mailboxes at about the same time you receive this.

Vendome jumped at the chance to acquire HBI, seeing it as a perfect complement to HEALTHCARE DESIGN's focus on the Architecture and interior design of healthcare facilities. In light of our new sister publication, HBI's editorial focus is centered on the key relationships between the construction, engineering, and design teams, and how they work together to put together these most important and highly specialized buildings. Taken together, the two books should present a 360-degree picture of the healthcare design and construction industry.

Within HBI's pages, you'll also notice in addition to cosmetic changes, several new departments that will now be appearing regularly in HBI: Building Green focuses on the sustainability movement, while Build It Right looks at the many highly technical systems and installations that require careful, even specialized attention in adapting them to the healthcare environment from the points of view of all the players in the Architecture/engineering/maintenance/ownership fields. We've also given the familiar Project Profile a face lift. Look for more new departments to appear in subsequent issues, and for even more exclusive content online at, our revamped Web site that now features daily news, back-issue archives, and more.

That said, there are some behind-the-scenes changes afoot, as well. In addition to my installation at the top of the editorial masthead, our very capable HEALTHCARE DESIGN editorial, production, and advertising teams will be coming aboard. We've also retained the services of HBI's Shannon Powers-Jones as a Contributing Editor. Shannon has done a great job steering this magazine in the past, and we are thrilled that she has agreed to be a part of our team.

This is a very exciting time for us and we hope the new HBI meets with your liking, as well. Good or bad, however, I'd love to hear from you, the reader, on what you think works, what doesn't, and what you'd like to see us cover in the future. Drop me a line at with your thoughts. I look forward to experiencing this new adventure with all of you!

Todd Hutlock, Editor-in-Chief


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Healthcare Design 2009 March;9(3):6