Project category: Remodel/Renovation (completed December 2002)

Chief administrator: Richard G. Smith, CEO, (315) 361-2300

Firm: Clark Patterson Associates, (585) 454-7600

Design team: Todd Liebert, Principal-in-Charge; Joe Hanss, Project Manager; Michelle Trott, Project Designer (Clark Patterson Associates); Ken Czaenecki, Project Manager; Mark Hartman, Project Superintendent (Hueber-Breuer Construction Co., Inc.)

Photography: Richard D. Kampas; Tina Preston; Michelle Trott

Total building area (GSF): 13,366

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $147.30

Total cost (excluding land): $3,844,275

Tina Preston
Central New York is home to picturesque communities and landscapes of quiet beauty, where strong ties to our agricultural heritage coexist with images of industrial and commercial growth. For generations, the healthcare needs of this diverse region have been met by the Oneida Healthcare Center (OHC). The current OHC hospital facility opened in 1972 as a 101-bed acute healthcare facility. (The OHC also operates a 162-bed skilled nursing facility adjacent to the hospital.)

Richard D. Kampas (above)

Michelle Trott (right)
As the primary healthcare facility for approximately 24 Central New York communities, the OHC provides a comprehensive range of services, keeping pace with advances in technology and trends in patient care. One area that was due for significant renovation was the OHC maternity unit. Traditional patterns of separate labor-delivery, postpartum, and recovery rooms did not promote the hospital's goals and philosophy of care. A more homelike environment was desired, offering more privacy and comfort for patients and their families. Creative redesign of the existing space, appropriate interior finishes, and code improvements transformed the traditional maternity unit into the new Lullaby Center.

The design team worked closely with OHC staff to identify key themes that would guide the renovation process. Space needs, staffing, and budget constraints were discussed in the context of these design themes. At the heart of the new Lullaby Center are three new labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum rooms. These new rooms offer a more intimate birthing experience, with private showers and homelike décor. Access to state-of-the-art medical equipment is cleverly hidden in built-in cabinetry, and a new baby security system has been installed. Other project features include renovations to the Lullaby Center's operating suite, recovery rooms, and the two traditional labor-delivery and postpartum rooms. A whirlpool tub has been installed, as well as an OB/GYN suite to aid in modernizing the unit.
Richard D. Kampas (below)

Richard D. Kampas (above)

Michelle Trott (right)

New nursery, lounge, and refreshment stations complete the design, offering additional comforts to family and friends. The nursery features a low “peek-a-boo” window to allow young children a unique view of new family members. The lounge has a distinct “coffee shop” feeling, offering refreshments, light snacks, and a relaxing place to wait for new arrivals. This replaces the traditional hospital-like nourishment station, offering more patient-friendly access.

Understanding the OHC's fundamental philosophy of care was the key to developing a targeted design effort and a successful renovation project. Today, the new Lullaby Center serves as a model for future projects that seek to achieve balance between the physical and emotional needs of patients and family.