Architectural lighting

3M Architectural Lighting Solutions from 3M Architectural Markets offers new architectural lighting solutions which both inspire and meet the increasing demand for sustainable solutions. Illuminate a large space, key-light architectural details, and use light to create and enhance a particular mood, or integrate light with 3M's architectural surfaces or patterned or textured glass.

Solution-dyed nylon

Arc-Com Fabric's Candy Land's color line brings additional saturated colors into the current line of solution-dyed nylon offerings. The variety of colors appeals to multiple markets including pediatrics. It has a Nano-Tex stain-resistant finish and acrylic backing.

Healthcare facility photography

Massery Photography does panoramic architectural photography to meet the marketing needs for signature facility photos. Photographer Ed Massery offers dramatic close-up architectural photos free from distortion, warping, and key-stoning so commonly found in panoramic photography.


Healthcare Design 2011 April;11(4):56