Antibacterial surface

Meganite Acrylic Solid Surface has antibacterial and renewable properties, making it suitable for workstations and nurses' stations. Completely nonporous, the "-thick sheets will not promote bacteria or fungus growth, are stain-resistant, and feature inconspicuous and watertight seams. Circle 40 on Reader Service Card

Cockpit workstations 6

EOC's cockpit stations feature surround work surfaces, maneuverability, and a space-saving 45-sq-ft footprint. With multiple options and ample storage space, they are suitable for compact offices and crowded facilities. Circle 41 on Reader Service Card

Customizable computer car

Wheelies from Peter Pepper Products, Inc., offer a convenient place for computers, supplies, filing, and secure chart storage. The 270° door swing allows full access to the interior. Custom configurations, sizes, and options are available. Circle 43 on Reader Service Card

Graphic diffuser panels 5

Artistically designed to reduce harsh glare, Sky-Scapes™ diffusers from Stratus Designs fit standard 2′ × 4′ fluorescent light fixtures and are available in either acrylic or polystyrene. Easily trimmed to fit smaller fluorescent frames, the backlit imagery can help reduce patient stress and anxiety. Circle 42 on Reader Service Card

Wall-mounted workstations4

Carstens WALLaroo® multifunction workstations—customizable with a small-chassis PC of choice or electronic keyless lock—are easily wall-mounted inside or outside patient rooms and provide convenient work surfaces and secure storage for computers, patient charts, or medications. Designed to meet ADA requirements, the steel-framed workstations also feature an easy-to-open, fully extended recessed handle; smooth, quiet operation; and a fine matte finish to eliminate fingerprints and glare. Circle 44 on Reader Service Card

Seating series

The Cerra series from Encore Seating includes a full family of chairs to support design continuity throughout workspaces. Select from mid- and high-back one-shell executive/conference seating styles to multifunctional task mid- and high-back models, as well as an accompanying side chair. All are available with vinyl and Crypton fabrics, as well as ballistic nylon back upholstery for added durability. The Task-Intensive model also features a 24-hour intensive-use upgrade. Circle 45 on Reader Service Card

Task chair

The new Crew™ Task Chair from Turnstone couples comfort with simplicity. Created by award-winning designer Brian Kane, the chair features a classic, clean design. Circle 46 on Reader Service Card

Ergonomic footrest

Humanscale's FM500 Footrest is a recent addition to its line of ergonomic accessories for the workplace. The FM500 provides support for the feet and legs to ease pressure on the lower back while sitting. With curved supports that encourage healthful rocking, the footrest offers functionality in a simple and elegant package. Circle 48 on Reader Service Card

Furniture 3collection

Hill-Rom offers the Art of Care collection, with four distinctive lines of furniture to help make the most of space with style. Headwalls, bedside cabinets, and seating are all available in a variety of styles, fabrics, and finishes. Circle 47 on Reader Service Card

Tilting ergonomic workstation6

AFC Industries' Ergo Tier Deluxe is an ergonomic medical reading station with an electronically powered, fully adjustable, tilting work surface. Designed for maximum comfort, convenience, and safety, the unit is also electronically height adjustable and features a retractable monitor stand that will hold up to three displays. Circle 49 on Reader Service Card

Laboratory bench

Lab Bench from Steelcase was designed to adapt to the different ways researchers work in laboratories. With a steel skeletal structure and flexible modules, Lab Bench can be combined into benches of almost any length and configuration. Work surfaces can be supported in seating and standing heights with cantilevers, end panels, or storage cabinets. Circle 50 on Reader Service Card

Pole and screen system

The Resolve system from Herman Miller, Inc., consists of vertical poles with screens attached at 120° angles. This approach provides the function of panels while allowing greater diversity of workstation patterns and more cost-effective use of real estate. Its openness and flexibility are suitable for administrative or PACS applications. Circle 52 on Reader Service Card

Documentation stations

Datel® documentation stations by InnerSpace® are designed to be the central control center for OR video- and computer-communication systems. Several standard designs and custom designs are available in laminate finishes or stainless steel. Circle 51 on Reader Service Card

Case carts

Metro's high- and low-profile case carts have been improved. Shelves now pull out and adjust at 2" increments along the height of the cart. Ergonomic full-length handles allow better cart control, doors have double panels for optimum strength, and a recessed latch eliminates a catch point. All models have door frames that prevent splashing fluids from entering the cart and are constructed of washable stainless steel. Circle 53 on Reader Service Card

Desk-mounted panel system

The Divide desk-mounted panel system offers built-in accessory rails to organize pens, CDs, paper clips, binders, and file folders above the work surface. With options such as fabric tackboards, laminate panels, and glazed panels, Divide can create options for private and semiprivate work areas. Circle 54 on Reader Service Card

Height-adjustable laptop cart

Altus's Ascend is an ergonomically designed, height-adjustable laptop cart that provides security to the laptop by locking it in place during use. Altus's proprietary lift technology offers 18" of ergonomic height-adjustment range, rugged construction, and space-saving accessibility. Circle 55 on Reader Service Card

Panel system

The HON Company's Initiate panel system is designed to work in every kind and size of healthcare environment. The affordable system is easy to install and reconfigure. Circle 56 on Reader Service Card

Mobile computer workstations

Mobile computer workstations from Eagle MHC feature Eagle's patented QuadTruss® open-wire design for greater shelf strength, along with reducing moisture and dust buildup. Workstation shelves are adjustable at 1" increments, and a swivel mouse-pad holder mounts on the right or left. Other options include a keyboard drawer; antistatic drag chain; choice of decorative, swivel, or swivel/brake casters; and chrome or stainless-steel finish. Custom configurations are also available. Circle 57 on Reader Service Card

Office system4

Link office systems from Topdeq adapt easily and can be customized for multiple possibilities. The Link system is based on an aluminum-silver, powder-coated steel frame (with matte glass, ice gray, or beech tabletops) that connects in a variety of ways. Circle 58 on Reader Service Card

Countertop ice/water dispensers

Manitowoc Ice introduces the SN Series countertop nugget ice maker and water dispenser, designed to deliver large daily ice production amounts and storage capabilities within a small footprint, while providing high-quality, chewable nugget ice. Touchless dispensing provides a sanitary and convenient way to dispense ice and water. Choose from three dispensing options: ice only, water only, or ice and water. A lighted dispense chute provides visibility in rooms with limited ambient lighting. Circle 59 on Reader Service Card

Stool with back

Brayton's Enea Stool with back is designed to withstand high-traffic areas, as well as complement the architecture or other elements in a space. This stool has multiple available options and finishes that coordinate with Brayton's Enea seating and table products. Circle 60 on Reader Service Card

Plug load controller

The Isolé IDP-3050 functions by turning plug-load devices on and off based on occupancy. The personal sensor connects to the power strip with the attached cable and automatically turns on when the workspace becomes occupied, then off after the space is vacated and the time-delay elapses. It features a user-adjustable time delay of 30 seconds to 30 minutes and two uncontrolled outlets for essential machines such as hard drives and fax machines. Circle 61 on Reader Service Card