PROJECT CATEGORY New Construction (completed August 2001)

CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR John Simodejka, Vice-President Operations, (570) 621-5111

FIRM Highland Associates, Ltd., (570) 586-4334

DESIGN TEAM Charles J. Consagra, AIA, Principal-in-Charge; Jonathan R. Loiselle, RA, Associate; Denise S. Luikart, Senior Associate, Interior Design

PHOTOGRAPHY Charles Consagra; Michael Touey





In a recent survey conducted by the Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), Schuylkill Rehabilitation Center was praised for its “state-of-the-art conformance to standards” and “appealing atmosphere for the provision of rehabilitation services.” These features have brought about a dramatic rise in the volume of patients.

Schuylkill Rehabilitation Center is about the journey to wellness. From the building concept to the materials used, patient confidence and confidentiality were foremost in the minds of those involved in the design process. In the lobby, patients find abundant natural light with no ceiling lighting, and high ceilings that feature an acoustic paneling system, all of which preserves a calm and quiet sense of confidence. Even the parking lot is in a shielded wooded area that provides a calming effect.

The design is upbeat and innovative, a flowing, linear track of progress from the reception area to evaluation to therapy. The staff spaces reinforce the main idea of rehabilitating patients while making them feel calm and comfortable. This linear “path” to recovery is not straight; a raised spine along the ceiling of the gallery illuminates the journey. There is an excellent view from the main gym area. The different aspects of rehabilitation, such as occupational therapy, hydrotherapy and prosthetics, are located in separate but adjacent areas.

Nontraditional design extends itself to the choice of colors, furnishings and flooring materials. Carpet is used minimally, for accents only, while ceramic tile and vinyl composition tile were chosen as much for aesthetics as for navigational ease. The sound system is also a unique addition that brings comfort to patients throughout the facility, with many individual controls to give patients the choices they need.