Project category: New construction (completed February 2006)

Chief administrator: Kathy Coopersmith, Office Manager, (484) 846-5100

Firm: Array Healthcare Facilities Solutions, (610) 270-0599

Design team: Patricia Malick, Lead Interior Designer; Floss McGrady, Interior Design Manager

Photography: Tom Crane Photography

Total building area (sq. ft.): 18,000

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $167

Total construction cost (excluding land): $3,000,000

The Surgery Center at Brinton Lake, with four operating rooms and 17 prep/recovery bays, accommodates 360 procedures per month and is part of the new, three-story convenient, noninstitutional ambulatory care center, which brings together surgery, comprehensive diagnostics, and physicians.

Natural light infuses all areas of the Surgery Center, including the operating rooms. Outside views are available to all patients as they wait to be taken into surgery, and then as they are recovering and receiving their post-op instructions. The waiting area is brightly lit with large windows, allowing those waiting for loved ones to read or relax in a comfortable environment. The physical location of the ambulatory care center was well chosen, as it is located in new construction that includes shopping opportunities and places to eat.

Nonclinical workflow was considered during design; for example, physicians have ample dictation space away from the busy clinical space in cubicles at the rear of the reception area, with easy access to patient charts. The nursing staff have multiple work spaces available in the prep/recovery room, which allows them to manage their patient load efficiently.

Earth tones dominate the finishes, with warm woods featured throughout the waiting area and prep/recovery room. Furniture and finishes in the waiting area are refined and tasteful, with textured wallcoverings; comfortable, upholstered arm chairs; and sophisticated sconces one wouldn't find in a typical hospital setting. The four operating rooms, at 520 square feet, are enhanced with floor patterns and floor-to-ceiling windows.