PROJECT CATEGORY New Construction (completed May 2001)

CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR Paul Janke, COO, (541) 955-5588

FIRM Moon Mayoras Architects, Inc., (619) 235-9780

DESIGN TEAM Douglas A. Mayoras, AIA, ACHA, Design Principal; David N. Moon, AIA, FACHA, Programming Principal; Victor M. Guido, AIA, Senior Associate/Project Manager; Joseph Tang, AIA, Project Designer

PHOTOGRAPHY Lanphier Associates





In 1994, two community hospitals located in Grants Pass, Oregon, merged into a single organization. At the time of the merger, the newly formed board hoped to eliminate duplication of services and trim the high cost of running two separate facilities. Both facilities were more than 30 years old and located in residential areas. In addition, neither facility was designed with current clinical delivery systems or building code considerations, and both were limited in terms of infrastructure for expanding high-tech computer and other telecommunication systems.

In 1997, the new organization (Asante Health System) purchased 44 acres south of the Rogue River—the site of a single 98-bed replacement hospital facility known as Three Rivers Community Hospital and Health Center (TRCH)


In response to the merger, the ultimate goal of this project was to reunite the community through a sense of common purpose and pride of accomplishment. As a result, the design team placed particular emphasis on directly engaging the surrounding community during the design process, with a goal of helping people be at ease when they come to the hospital.

The motto for Grants Pass is “It's the climate.” In keeping with that, TRCH is designed as a therapeutic environment and is based on the concept of bringing nature into the facility to provide a sense of well-being and restoration. The concept of nature permeates this facility (e.g., fish and dragonfly glass sculptures displayed on a lobby wall). Large windows bathe the facility with the warmth of natural light; there are more than 1,625 panes of glass in exterior walls and skylights. Soothing sounds abound from a two-story waterfall connecting the second floor with the first-floor lobby. A healing garden at the center of the third floor is a place of restoration and reflection.

The overriding use of nature is both literal and symbolic. Drawing on the metaphor of the convergence of the three rivers in the Grants Pass area, the facility is organized as follows:

1st Floor: The Rogue River (a mighty, active river used by many people)—Public Areas, Administrative and Support Services

2nd Floor: The Illinois River (a smaller, yet spirited and winding, river; reflective, contemplative)—Family Birthing, Surgery, Critical Care, Short Stay and designated areas of respite

3rd Floor: The Applegate River (a quiet river that winds through a tranquil valley)—Patient Care Units

This three-story 98-bed replacement facility is designed using a “mall” concept with a central public atrium space and courtyard. The organizational concept (parti) utilizes the public atrium space as a datum and allows for events and sequences to occur from that point of reference. This datum also creates flexibility by serving as the central spine for future expansion.

To respond to the community's need in a timely manner, TRCH was constructed in 23 months using a fast-track sequence.