UW Cancer Center at Johnson Creek is a collaboration of Fort HealthCare, UW Health, and Watertown Memorial Hospital that offers local access to leading-edge research and treatments offered by the UW Comprehensive Cancer Center in Madison. Virtually all types of cancer are treated at the new freestanding center, which offers medical and radiation oncology services, chemotherapy, and clinical trials. Expert physicians and compassionate, attentive staff provide leading-edge cancer care in a supportive, nurturing, hope-filled environment.

The facility and its care philosophies are built upon the recognition that convenient, comprehensive cancer care is crucial to patients and their families. The center, which includes state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment, is designed to meet the goals of providing efficient, seamless care and being a comfortable, human experience for patients and staff.

The building's exterior is inspired by elements found in rural architecture: metal roofs, post-and-beam construction, brick, glass, and split-faced concrete block. Warm, inviting interior spaces convey a sense of intimacy through the use of soft colors, comfortable furnishings, and natural light. Thoughtful design seeks to ease patient treatment experiences by allowing patients control over their environments. In chemotherapy infusion bays, patients choose the level of privacy, light, sound, and access to fresh air.

The center fits seamlessly into the rural setting. Clear views of wooded hillsides are available from most spaces within the center. “You get glimpses of sky and changing seasons as you walk through the building,” says the designer. “It's very optimistic.”

Project category: New construction (completed October 2005)

Chief administrator: Lynda Persico, Director, (920) 699-3500

Firm: OWP/P, (312) 960-8001

Design team: Jim Mladucky, AIA, ACHA, CCS, Project Director; Randy Guillot, AIA, Principal Designer; Scott Nelson, AIA, ACHA, MBA, Programmer; Kathryn Simmons, Programmer; Troy Hoggard, AIA, Project Designer; Jennifer Knapp, Senior Interior Designer and Planner

Photography: © James Steinkamp, Steinkamp/Ballogg

Total building area (sq. ft.): 14,300

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $229

Total construction cost (excluding land): $3,280,000