A few months ago, I wrote about how our HCD 10 awards—honoring individuals across different specialties within the healthcare design field—are actually a great way to focus on the team nature of the work you do in creating healthcare environments. As we open up the nomination process for this year’s HCD 10 program, we’ve shuffled our 10 categories a bit, and we’re introducing a new category that takes this concept a little further.

Most of the individuals we honor (architect, interior designer, owner, construction/building executive) tend to be seasoned veterans who stand atop the food chain for the projects that grab headlines. But our newest category, “Team MVP,” offers you an opportunity to nominate someone whose name may be less known—but whose contribution to team projects has proved invaluable.

Maybe it’s a junior-level architect who saw a space planning solution where no one else did. Or a nurse who fought so passionately for a particular initiative that it ended up in the final design despite higher-level indifference, an initiative that ends up creating deep value for staff and patients in the end. How about that guy who spent days researching NICU practices around the world to help inform the design of a new children’s unit? Or the woman who coordinated hours’ worth of consumer, staff, and owner feedback to make sure the new hospital would bear the community’s stamp of approval.

We’re looking for these stories. So think about the projects you worked on in the last year, and consider the contributions of those who don’t always get recognized. To nominate a Team MVP—or any one of our other categories for The HCD 10—go to HCDmagazine.com/HCD10noms. The deadline has been extended to May 9.